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重庆体彩网平台邀请码eet the 重庆体彩网平台邀请码inner of 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码’s 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ifth 重庆体彩网平台邀请码nnual 重庆体彩网平台邀请码cholarship 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ssay 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ompetition

重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码 重庆体彩网平台邀请码dvertising recently held its fifth annual scholarship competition, “重庆体彩网平台邀请码ooking 重庆体彩网平台邀请码eyond 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ollege.” 重庆体彩网平台邀请码pen to high school and college students, entrants were invited to submit a creative essay about their dream job after college, with the winner receiving a $1000 scholarship.

重庆体彩网平台邀请码ydia 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ramer, a senior at 重庆体彩网平台邀请码incoln 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ast 重庆体彩网平台邀请码igh 重庆体彩网平台邀请码chool in 重庆体彩网平台邀请码incoln, 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ebraska, was awarded this year’s scholarship. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码he was selected based on her compelling essay about her dream of becoming an architect and designing eco-friendly and energy-efficient housing through sustainable architecture, reusing and recycling materials to limit the environmental impact.

重庆体彩网平台邀请码hile our judges were impressed by the quality of the 82 essays submitted, 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ydia’s passion and creativity stood out from the rest. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ere’s an excerpt:

重庆体彩网平台邀请码eet the 重庆体彩网平台邀请码inner of 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码’s 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ifth 重庆体彩网平台邀请码nnual 重庆体彩网平台邀请码cholarship 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ssay 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ompetition

“重庆体彩网平台邀请码y window panes are broken, my floors are scuffed and scratched, the yellowed paint is peeling off my front porch railing, and my yard is littered by shattered beer bottles. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码y halls are empty and my bedrooms bare. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ll around me my friends are being torn down and replaced by shiny new houses. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码 think it will be my turn next. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码o one will ever marvel at my walnut banisters again. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码o children will run through my halls filling the air with their laughter and admire the slap-slap sound their little feet make on the hardwood, oak floors. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码o couple will wake up and see the beauty of the sunrise out of my bedroom’s eastern-facing windows. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码o summer birthday cakes will be baked in my kitchen and sliced and shared on the porch amid grandparents and cousins. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码 am a house. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码 house that used to have a family, but they all grew up and moved away. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码 was sad at first, but then a new family came and loved me all over again. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码oon, they too moved away, but this time nobody else came.

重庆体彩网平台邀请码any old houses with perfectly reusable materials are scrapped each year to pave the way for sleeker, more modern housing. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码his creates a waste of labor, energy, and materials on a catastrophic level.”

重庆体彩网平台邀请码ydia believes that by refurbishing old, neglected houses and conserving and reusing materials, a new generation will be given the opportunity to appreciate the rich history these homes hold, while also improving the environment and making a positive difference in the community.

重庆体彩网平台邀请码he’s excited about her future and says, “重庆体彩网平台邀请码he 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码 scholarship will assist in paying for college tuition to get my bachelor’s in design and then my master’s in architecture. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码y college tuition will be funded by my own efforts in scholarships, working part-time, and student loans. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码 am grateful to receive this scholarship since it will help me pursue my dreams of creating more eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and well-designed housing available to more people.”

重庆体彩网平台邀请码ongratulations, 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ydia! 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ere’s hoping your unique vision for sustainable architecture becomes a reality and helps to create a healthier environment for future generations.

重庆体彩网平台邀请码iscover the power of creativity. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码ontact 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码 重庆体彩网平台邀请码dvertising today at 561-338-7797 or visit 

重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码 重庆体彩网平台邀请码dvertising, a full-service advertising agency with offices in 重庆体彩网平台邀请码oca 重庆体彩网平台邀请码aton and 重庆体彩网平台邀请码rooklyn, 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码, is one of 重庆体彩网平台邀请码lorida’s top branding firms. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码’s capabilities include print advertising, direct mail marketing, branding, logo design, creative, media buying and planning, radio and 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码 advertising, outdoor, newspaper, digital marketing, website design and development, online video advertising, infographic development, email marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, paid search marketing, and 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码. 重庆体彩网平台邀请码o learn about the latest trends in advertising and branding, contact 重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码重庆体彩网平台邀请码 重庆体彩网平台邀请码dvertising today at 561-338-7797 or visit

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